Join my journey with The Sketch.

Join my journey with The Sketch. Among the exciting content:

  • Takes you behind the scenes and You get a little closer look at my life (Budapest, Hungary) and my creative process in pictures and words!
  • Have your say about my choice of instrument!
  • Listen to my next release 2 days before anyone else!


Growing up in Scandinavia he started to play the piano at 4, aspired a career as a professional pianist but suffered from panic stage-fright. His adolescence was also colored by an early passion for computers and programming, a deep knowledge of classical music, reading and the art of fencing.

He studied the Humanities for 10 years at university before pursuing a career in computers and programming. The millennium IT-bubble made him redundant and he ended up driving a taxi.

He started composing again exclusively on his iPhone 3, in the taxi between assignments, on bus- and train rides, on travels, and on weekends.

After a severe stroke in 2014 and after relearning to walk, long solitary forrest wanderings in a nearby vast nature reserve, resulted in an entirely new mindset of approaching composing.

In 2017 he decided to pursue a life as an independent composer. He sold all his earthly possessions and with two suitcases, a backback and a laptop he moved to Hungary.

Living in Budapest he enjoys a peaceful life composing and embracing the pleasures of seclusion – coffee, concerts, exploring central Europe.

Among his influences are the rich tonal world of Hungarian and folk music and the sounds on his daily walks in Budapest. The piano works are influenced by Bartok, Debussy and Russian composers in general. The ambient, electronic/instrument, pieces are influenced mainly by Eduard Artemyev, Igor Savin, Károly Cserepes and Biosphere.