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In 2018 he launched his company Niclas Tamas – Bespoke music that caters bespoke music for for films, documentaries, games, commercials and venues like Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories.




Niclas Tamas is an iOS music pioneer and composer of electronic- and orchestral music in various styles. Since 2009 he has been in the forefront of iOS music.

Born in Sweden 1964 and of Hungarian decent. He started to play the piano at 4 and treble recorder at 7. He pursued his musical career until he was 20 playing and performing piano music mainly by Beethoven, Satie and Chopin. He gave up his career due to panic stage fright.

He followed up on his long term interest in computers and worked as a programmer and system analyst at various computer companies until 2003.

In 2009 he got his first iPhone and started to make music again and compose after a 25 year break. Using the app iSequence he released what is probably the first album entirely composed, mixed and produced on an iPhone on the 31st of October 2010. Last Train to Vienna was followed by three albums made the same way.

In 2011 he started to work on the electronic suite Pieces of Life. It was concluded in August 2013 with the release of Morphogenetic Fields. Pieces of Life comprises of five parts with a playing time of over three hours, entirely composed, mixed and produced on his iPhone. Pieces of Life can be found here.

Since November 2012 he worked with Gestrument to compose, play and record his compositions. In 2013 he released two orchestral Gestrument pieces, Emoticons (September 2013) and The Deamons of Apel Street (December 2013).

In the spring of 2014 he wrote three piano pieces for Gestrument, Téli estéken (Winter evenings). The three piano improvisations uses only the controls in the gridbased app Gestrument. He continued using Gestrument along other apps for five pieces of improvised ambient music.

In September 2014 he suffered a severe stroke. He is still recovering but started to compose music again in the spring of 2015, notably  Fantasia for two Orchestras and Departures. From 2017 he uses Logic X Pro, Notion and different iPad and iPhone apps as musical tools.

Niclas Tamas left Sweden in September 2017 and presently resides in Budapest, Hungary. Apart from being a film buff he enjoys practising kickboxing, playing MarioKart, cooking and exploring Budapest and Hungary.