A MUSIC LANDSCAPE is a stress reliever that brings you peace of mind, serenity, stillness, tranquility and peacefulness. A MUSIC LANDSCAPE is an atmospheric, beatless world between dream and consciousness. A Music Landscape is purely calm, soothing and relaxing and lasts 40-60 minutes.

Mainly influenced by nature, my continuously random city dwellings in Budapest and the imaginary world of The Uncharted Atlas.

For the ultimate experience use headphones, silence, solitude, sleep mask and a safe undisturbed place. Have a good journey!

The Uncharted Atlas-series consists of 10 MUSIC LANDSCAPES and will be continuously released 2019-2020.


All Music Landscapes titles with courtesy of The Uncharted Atlas
01 The Inner Wastes of Gewsgiumue

Streaming on major platforms 6th of September 2019.
02 The Dununma Sea

Streaming on major platforms in October 2019.
03 Eastern Atoll of Ilutich

Streaming on major platforms in November 2019.
04 Gulf of Woosfwew

05 The Steppe of Great Gushin
06 Islands of Kiun Kiam

07 Southern Reretmun