Motherboard Sun 

Jal, a keen apprentice scientist in the engineering team, has always insisted that he had heard the lullaby somewhere before. Thea, his best friend and ship’s botanist, laughs. She jokes that no one on Earth has ever come across it, least likely a gangly geek like Jal.

Disgruntled, Jay quickly tires of geomorphology bots and the Hydron Epoch machine in the engineering lab and ventures into the ship’s library. A selected collection of old books and papers from the past; the only relics the crew were allowed to bring. They sit on clinical white shelving, protected from further ageing.

Jal searches. He pulls a tome off a shelf. Pages drop out and Jal fumbles to pick them up. He flicks through. Nothing. Jal opens another book, then another. Still nothing. Then a glow ebbs from one of the books on the topmost shelf. Drawn towards it, Jal’s eyes widen. He smiles, mesmerised. He reaches, fingertips brushing the spine, the soft leather a comfort to his confusion. Jal grips the binding and pulls the book towards him, wincing at the weight of it.

The glow brightens, illuminating the room, a kaleidoscope of whites and pale yellow. Settling on the floor, dead centre of the ship’s library, Jal reads. Mind Mission Control. He murmurs as he reads:

“Chapter 1: The Mind and The Dream”.