The Lullabies for explorers of the permanent extension of life beyond Earth

They say in space that no one can hear you scream. But what happens if no one can dream?

Translunar humans travelling on a vessel in deep space. The human mind is so advanced that it has lost its ability to fall into a reverie. Instead, mysterious yet beautiful never-ending lullabies plays.

No one knows where they came from or who composed them. But they are there, a constant reminder of the unknown.

* The Lullabies are created solely with Spitfire Audio's free LABS-series on a MacBook Air

* The Lullabies are relaxing, minimal ambient soundscapes. Headphones, darkness and silence for best experience

* The Lullabies tells the story of Jal and Thea, new episode with every release

* The Lullabies is an ongoing project with monthly releases