Have you ever wondered how everything is about perspective? Imagine driving home from a picnic at the beach, sand-scoured, nose turned pink, the tang of salt on your lips; then picture driving the same route after watching a horror movie at the cinema. Those lampposts might loom a little taller. The treetops might claw at you with skeleton fingers from above. The clouds passing in front of the sun, rather than offering welcome shade, might feel as though they have plunged you into a strange kind of shadow light.

I wrote this piece three years ago. My diary entry from April 2019 reads: Made a quick arrangement. I started at the wrong end. Dare to try something new.

It was an unconscious decision not to begin with the chords. Maybe I woke feeling more tired than usual. Maybe a prior engagement was cancelled last-minute, and I chose to spend my day elsewhere as though in a parallel universe to the one I’d planned. Whatever the reason, when I played it back the following day, I wrote: It’s brilliant. The best piano piece I have written.

Two people can enter a room from opposite doorways, and each will see different objects. Same room, different perspective. The same can be said for music. Listen to a piece when melancholy has befriended you, and you might see two people with fingertips that no longer quite reach, hearts that are less than whole. Listen to the same piece on a day filled with joy, and you will see rainbows spanning turquoise oceans, and feel the beat within.

A day later and my diary entry read: A different Friday because we were not at Rudas. We were at a photo exhibition, then Pasta Bella, then a French café followed by a late nap.

This sounds like a serious piece. Revisiting this piece three years later, I realised that it stands completely on its own two feet without any help. The unconscious mind working its magic.

See for yourself. Eat dessert for breakfast and your main course for lunch, followed by a starter in the evening. Walk barefoot in the rain and wear your rainhat in the house. Watch that old black and white movie that you never believed you would enjoy. Allow your unconscious mind to take you where it will … if only for a moment … and open your eyes.

Dare to try something new.