The warm weather will return this weekend. 27 C is promised for tomorrow. Every year when the central heating is turned on the pipes inside my apartment starts sending off these very weird, loud and recurrent sounds. I think it has to do with pressure changes and contractions in the metal? The first winter I

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Autumn is here and will win this year too, eventually. A little bit chilly, but the coming days there will be temperatures over 20 again for a couple of days. Maybe shorts again on my walks??? 🙂 My building starts the central heating late. But all of the warm water pipes run inside my apartment.

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September 30, 2020

Several things of importance. My old companion for 20 years, my green Tatonka back pack, will officially retire today I located one of the old CBA-ladies to a supermarket near Jászai Mari tér A good vitamin injection last night by attending another concert with Swing á la Django Same setting as last time, but this time

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September 27, 2020

At Normafa for a long walk. There are huts for rétes, langos and for palacinta. The langos stand is a little bit modern but the rétes and palacinta stands are dear relics from the past. The rétes place for 34 years now! They will be probably be gone soon. Normafa is getting an ongoing well needed

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September 25, 2020

Just a short walk today. Did an “errand” ie. bought candy at a my special place. There is this big football game here, some Supercup or something. Although it’s almost empty round Vörösmarty tĂ©r (center of tourist Pest) there were some football fans “singing” and drinking beer. There are hardly any people out. Several shops

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