Legal issues

I will score your clip at no charge. We keep our respective rights.

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With that clarified here are some suggestions before you proceed to send me a clip:

  • Ideally the clip is ≈ .30 to 1.30 minutes
  • It can be an old clip, a new clip, your clip, a CC-clip, edited, non-edited, with time code, without time code…
  • Write notes of what want to achieve. Underscore something? Create a mode change? Enhance an emotion? Character theme?
  • Do you prefer orchestral samples or electronic instruments?

Practical issues

  • Mail me the clip niclas [at] niclastamas [dot] com or upload it and send me the link
  • I will upload the finished score at ReelCrafter and send you a private link
  • Delivery time frame 3 – 7 days (depending on current schedule)

Looking forward to test the waters together!