LABSology - A Creative Challenge for Musicians and Composers

Have you ever wanted to explore new sounds and textures for your music compositions? Look no further than LABSology, a monthly challenge on VI-Control designed to unleash your creativity using the free LABS (Let’s all become something) series by Spitfire Audio.

(I am not affiliated with Spitfire Audio in any way. I am only an extensive LABS-user)

What is LABSology?

LABSology is a monthly challenge hosted on VI-Control. The background is my own extensive use of LABS ever since ”Soft Piano” came out 2018.

I documented the patches and instances from the start in a spreadsheet. To help myself develop, be put on new paths and challenge myself in my own work I made a randomiser which spit out randomly selected instances that I was forced to use.

(Ultimately this ended up with the ambient series The Lullabies for explorers of the permanent extension of life beyond Earth. 11 pieces composed solely by random never repeated LABS-libraries in 2022).

Long story short, 5 years later my randomiser became “LABS-roulett” and contained 60 libraries and 430 instances. I launched “LABS-roulett”, but it wasn’t until Taron on VI-Control in a conversation coined the term “LABSology”(brilliant!) late 2022 that all pieces came together. I launched the LABSology challenge at VI-Control in March 2023. So here we are.

How does it work?

LABSology revolves around the concept of the LABS-roulette, which randomly selects three never repeated instances from different LABS-libraries.

1. At the beginning of every month head over to VI-Control. There you will find the post with the information for the present challenge.

2. Publish your composition on SoundCloud with the tag "LABS" followed by the year and month of the challenge.

3. At the end of each month, I gather all valid contributions and create a playlist in a randomised order. I publish it on VI-Control and on SoundCloud.

Easy huh? But there are severe limitations to make it interesting and to create the challenge.

To get involved head over to VI-Control. Join the challenge and let your imagination soar with LABSology.

Hear you soon!