Music from Undiscovered Civilisations

Coast of Great Tiorkhaiw

In the mythical realm of The Coast of Great Tiorkhaiw, time cascades like an ethereal river, flowing in enchanting spirals that elude the grasp of human perception. Here, the linear boundaries of chronology dissolve into an enigmatic tapestry, where memories dance alongside dreams, and the present moment shimmers like a mirage between past and future.

As one ventures upon this coastal wonder, a peculiar sense of familiarity washes over the senses, as if traversing through echoes of ancient remembrances that transcend generations. The horizon, seemingly eternal, stretches forth like a canvas, its cerulean hues merging seamlessly with the heavens. The sun, a celestial artist, bestows the sky with an ever-changing palette of colors, while the moon imparts a silvery glow that lends a surreal aura to the nocturnal expanse.

The Coast of Great Tiorkhaiw is a symphony of natural wonders harmonizing in captivating melodies. The rhythm of the waves is a timeless symphony, a lulling heartbeat that guides the cadence of existence. Each crest and trough carries the whispers of ages, whispering tales of ancient voyages, buried treasures, and the unfulfilled desires of forgotten souls.

Within this enigmatic landscape, the architecture bears witness to the convergence of diverse epochs. Great citadels stand in regal splendor, their spires reaching towards the heavens, a testament to the passage of time and the artistic ingenuity of generations past. Ruins of bygone civilizations linger like enigmatic phantoms, their stories etched in the very stones upon which they were built.

The inhabitants of The Coast of Great Tiorkhaiw seem to embody the essence of its temporal fluidity. With an air of timelessness, they move through life's moments with graceful ease, traversing the ever-shifting sands of memory and imagination. Their conversations are imbued with the echoes of epochs long past and visions of futures yet to unfold. Their spirits seem unbound by the constraints of chronological linearity, as if the past, present, and future intertwine like a magnificent tapestry of existence.

In the rare moments of intimacy along The Coast, time's elasticity reveals its profound nature. A fleeting touch, a shared gaze, or an ephemeral exchange of words takes on an eternal significance, transcending the confines of fleeting seconds. These encounters become vivid tableaus etched in the chambers of the soul, defying the boundaries of time's passage.

As day and night cascade upon The Coast of Great Tiorkhaiw, a surreal aura envelops the scenery. The sun, like a celestial conductor, orchestrates a grand symphony of light, bestowing the skies with vibrant hues that seem to transcend the boundaries of the visible spectrum. The moon, cloaked in an iridescent glow, adorns the nocturnal realm with an ethereal charm, evoking a sense of timelessness that embraces both the past and the future.

In this beguiling realm, time's non-linear nature is both a bewitching enigma and a liberating force. The Coast of Great Tiorkhaiw embraces those who dare to venture, offering a glimpse into the elusive interplay between memory, aspiration, and the present moment. It is a place where time takes on the mantle of a divine weaver, intricately interlacing the threads of existence into a resplendent tapestry of life's enigmatic splendor.

Music from Undiscovered Civilsations

The Music From Undiscovered Civilisations series comprises of 11 neo-classical pieces, scheduled to debut on a monthly basis. The series commences in April 2023 with Inner Ulmolm Wasteland and concludes in February 2024 with Desert of Diwor.

Each composition within this series, as well as its predecessor, The Lullabies for Explorers of the Permanent Extension of Life Beyond Earth, is meticulously crafted by employing three distinct, never-before-repeated instances from Spitfire Audio's complimentary LABS-series.

Beginning from the third piece in the ongoing series, The Wilds of Great Púkolosa, Albion Tundra V undergoes randomization using a similar approach, encompassing a woodwind, brass, and string instance. Consequently, each piece manifests within a unique sonic landscape.

The duration of the compositions undergoes a progressive transformation, spanning from approximately 5 to 7 minutes initially, to 7 to 11 minutes, culminating in the final three pieces, namely The Shrunmas Plains, Olpel Olmurm, and Desert of Diwor, which extend to approximately 17 minutes.

These neo-ambient audio pieces offer the most immersive experience when listened to with headphones, in a dimly lit environment, and in a state of serenity.

The Coast of Great Tiorkhaiw

Step into the mythical realm of "The Coast of Great Tiorkhaiw," where time dances in ethereal spirals, blurring the boundaries between past, present, and future. Composer's brushstrokes paint a canvas of memories and dreams, inviting you to an introspective journey along cerulean shores.

As daylight kisses the horizon, hues blend seamlessly, and the sun crafts a timeless masterpiece, giving birth to a captivating melody—the rhythm of waves. The waves are echoes of ancient voyages and whispers of forgotten tales. Amidst timeless architecture, great citadels stand—a testament to artistry across epochs, while ruins echo ancient stories.

Inhabitants embody the coast's temporal fluidity, gliding through life's moments with grace. Conversations are threads woven from epochs, where past, present, and future interlace in a tapestry of existence. Fleeting touches transcend seconds, etching timeless tableaus within the heart.

Day and night cascade, creating a surreal aura. The sun orchestrates light's symphony, painting skies with hues beyond human sight. Moon's iridescence cloaks the nocturnal realm, infusing it with an ethereal charm. Temporal non-linearity weaves a beguiling enigma, a liberating force.

"The Coast of Great Tiorkhaiw" offers a realm where time's elusive nature captivates and liberates. It beckons you to explore interplay between memory, aspiration, and the present. Within its embrace, moments become eternal. Discover the enigma of time, and embark on a lasting musical companionship—a journey woven with heartfelt sincerity.


"I also like it when ambient composers try to explore arrangements that’s a bit more than the rather formulaic “long pads in slowly revolving harmonics”. Here we have something else. Something… New.And this new land is for us to explore.”

221219 (Beatradar on Geomorphology Bots)

"Niclas Tamas crafts uniquely fascinating soundscapes, fusing organic fragments with thoughtful production techniques and twists, for an otherworldly audio venture."

220822 (Stereo Stickman)

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