2019 week 38

September 20, 2019

It is fall now here in Budapest. The temperatures have fallen and it can be a tad cold during the night. Fall means changing habits and it is a good thing. The best example I’ve seen to live by the seasons is the film Happy people about the little, remote and isolated village of Bakhtia along the Yenisei River in the Siberian taiga. It is a 2010 documentary film directed by Werner Herzog and Dmitry Vasyukov and produced by Herzog. You can see all 4 episodes on Youtube. Highly recommended.


Fall means I pick up my city strolls again. A city stroll is an aimless stroll from a random place to another random place. It is urban exploration at its best! It consists of walks, tram rides or bus rides or a combination thereof. I randomly choose a district, I go there, walk around, take photos, have a coffee, find new places and experience new things. Sometimes I make field recordings that I use in my music. Most of my Instagram pictures are from these city walks. The city changes all the time. Some things are gone forever (like the waterpolo club pizza restaurant at Császár-Komjádi uszoda) or it is just changed or transformed into something new. One thing that is disappearing fast right now are the small shops (Hírlap arus) that sell printed items like newspapers and magazines. Another thing transformed by digitalisation. But I still see people reading the paper newspaper on public transport and in cafes.

Hirlap arus at Hösök tere.


So the other day I was taking a walk from Octogon to Hösök tere. A short season opening but as usual with a lot of experiences along the way. I reached the Kodály körönd (körönd means circus in Hungarian). It was originally known as just körönd and got its present name 1971 commemorating its famous resident. Kodály is one of the most cherished Hungarian composers. At Kodály körönd there was a film set and a LOT of horses around!!









My Musical Landscape The Inner Wastes of Gewsgiumue is live on Spotify and other major streaming platforms! I’m composing piano pieces for POND5 at the moment and busy mixing my next music landscape The Dununma Sea.

Until next week!



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