2019 week 35.

August 30, 2019

József nádor tér

József nádor tér 2005

There is a big topic of conversation at the moment, besides the everlasting heatwave. The reopening of Joseph Nador tér. The square is next to Deak Ferenc tér and has been closed off for renovation for some time. It was recently reopened.







József nádor tér 2019

Beneath is a garage with 525 parking lots, electric power stations for cars and bikes and a carwash. It took 75.000 cubic metres of soil to cover the garage to make a 2,5 meter deep soil for the trees and plants. A 2.8 meters hight Herendi tree of life with illuminated fruits are found at the north side and at the opposite side there is a copy of the 130-year old fountain Herkulesfürdő.


The square is named after the Archduke Joseph, Palatine of Hungary (1776-1847). Joseph was one of fifteen children born to Leopold II (Habsburg-Lorraine) and Maria Louisa of Spain. He was made palatine in 1796. It’s an old title meaning “deputy of the king”. Palatine in Hungarian is nádor. He promoted economic reforms, construction projects and public works. He was determined to bring Hungary closer to Europe. The founding of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the railroad, steamboat and the regulation of the Danube all happened under his reign. He was a good ruler and is considered a great man in Hungarian history. He is standing in the center of the town he transformed to a metropolis.

An interesting fact is that the famous coffee-house Gerbaud was founded in József nádor tér by Henrik Kugler. They moved to their current location in the 1880’s. I will come back to both Kugler and Gerbeaud for sure!



Donkey and the goat

Photo approved by the owner

Two cute passengers, a donkey and a goat, were riding the train the other day. The owner has been travelling with Rocinante (the donkeys name) for 5 years by foot in Europe in a nomadic way. You can see them getting off the train here





Beach in Göd

Saturday was the time for a good excursion to the realms of this gorgeous city. Göd was the goal for the day. A little town of about 14.000 and about 30 minutes north of Budapest. It is inhabited mainly by people who work in either Vac or Budapest.

One of the beaches at Donau was the goal. It was a public one so there is no buffet or changing rooms. Just the river bank. Swimming in the Danube is to be taken very seriously. It has very strong currents and if you get too far away from the shore you are in big trouble. It was good weather and a very relaxing day.


The Saturday ended with a visit to the movies and Once upon a time in Hollywood. I was pleasantly surprised by the acting of Bradd Pitt. He was really good. And the 2.40 hours flew by in the little cinema. An evening well spent!

Until next week!







PS. The Spotify stream with my piano music is here. The Musical Landscape The Inner Wastes of Gewsgiumue are going live on all major streaming platforms 6th of September.

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