June 28, 2020
Nice old summerhouse in Dunakeszi

Had a really nice weekend!

Excursion to an old favourite spot on Saturday, Dunakeszi. Last time was in last September. It’s 20 minutes by car from Budapest.

First finding a parking place (the hardest thing!), having a delicious ice cream, strolling by the Danube to the perfect little beach off the beaten path. Took my nap on the beach. Then headed back to Csurgó büfé for the obligatory lángos and cold beer!

The cinemas are opening again! And my regular café is open! Rejoice!



30 sec excerpt from Southern Reretmun

[sc_embed_player volume=”10″ fileurl=”https://niclastamas.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/07_Southern_Reretmun_mastered-with-CloudBounce.mp3″]


Music Landscapes

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