Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields Day 81

1st of December and we have definitely winter here now. About one decimeter of snow and more to come. Just back from a two hour walk listening to my dark ambient music in the shape of a soundscape.

Nature changes and where I live I have the privilege to watch these changes all year round. From winter, over to the blossom spring, the green summer and the colourful autumns. Like ambient electronica, sweeping through my senses.

When I drove a taxi bus I travelled all over the county and had the bonus of seeing the these nature changes out by the coast and in the in lands. Watching fields, woods and water slowly change in a never ending circle.

So, I listened over and over again to the first ten minutes of my ambient music piece. And I have to say that it grows and shows more sides of itself every time I listen. For me the ambient soundscapes I make are living things. Every new listen should reveal new things and sounds to me.

The significance for me is that I also have to treat the music itself as a living creature. And what I’ve noticed is that the parts of a soundscape where I don’t think, where I just DO, are where the magic evolves. Both at the present and in future listens. The music is a living thing. It reveals different sides of it’s soul for every listener.

soundscapeI made a good field recording where I walked over a wooden bridge covered in snow. I captured a slight echo sound. I tried to walk in a 4/4 pace. I will process the sound and use it as a percussion part in my soundscape. The recording was, of course, made using only my iPhone.

Tonight I found an update to the iPad app Gestrument. This app is somewhat of a holy grail to me. Will write more about this tomorrow. To late now, I’m off to bed.

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