Soundscape Morphogenetic Fields Day 80

More snow last night and still below zero. Yesterday was like a blurred 24 hours. This morning was OK, but I definitely feel the effects of my new med. Made some progress on the soundscape and this weekend I hope to make another two and a half minutes. Then I have fifteen minutes done. That’s 11,25 worth of soundscape seconds/day.


Today I have two appointments to take care of. Won’t be home until this afternoon. Some travel time involved here so I use that to plan ahead for the next couple of days. I have a good feeling I’m on the right track to turn my life around. The prerequisites are in place.
Took today’s picture while passing the city this afternoon on my way home. There is more snow in the making and temperatures will drop below -10 C. So glad I don’t live in the house anymore!

So tonight I will try to keep on working with that soundscape of mine. Finding it extremely hard to concentrate to get things done at the moment. My brain just says no. I have tons of stuff to get started. But, I will take one thing at a time and once started I will finish it before starting on something new.

Still finding The Christmas Lodge on Soma FM a delight to listen to. Only Christmas songs. Old and new. A good mix and often they make me feel good.

soundscapeThe evening has been quiet and relaxed. Did some work on the soundscape and I am considering releasing a new mix shortly. I know everything isn’t perfectly organised on my blog yet. A major face lift is necessary. But at the moment I got other things that I have prioritise.

Nothing much left of this day. It’s been intense and I will surely sleep very good tonight. Last night I was worried of not waking up in time for catching the bus. Now, tomorrow I have no program. The only thing I might have is popping over for a coffee at a friends house in the afternoon. Maybe I’ll take a really long walk tomorrow.

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