Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields Day 56

It’s snowing here today. Last night I changed the piano in the soundscape to another sound, Vintage Bells. After a little initial tweaking I’ll give this one a go.

So this morning I got into some serious tweaking. Came quite a long way, but I’m not there yet.

soundscapeWith AudioBus I think I can play short things in Alchemy and record it directly in NanoStudio on one of the Eden tracks. I think. That means no more copying and pasting when making soundscapes. The latency issue is not an issue on the iPad. There is a good video released from the incredible AudioBus guys here.

So I’m changing from piano to the Vintage Bells. Can use different octaves and create much better tensions and variations this way. Let’s see where it’s all going today.

Sunshine now. For the first time I can really feel my high blood pressure. Like a weight around my fore head, dragging out all energy.

Solved the second part. I searched for a new sound and found it. And came to the conclusion I didn’t need a lead here. It’s the ornamentation I’m looking for. So doing that now. Testing a sequence with different sounds. And yes, I will try it with the piano too.

soundscapeDone testing. Practised and improvised for quite a while before I hit the recording button. Did a five minute straight improvisation. Just listened to it and it doesn’t sound fake. There are feelings in there. But the final decision comes tomorrow when I have a listen again.

Got a prescription for medicine today. Will start taking that tomorrow. Have to go back to work half time next week. Will do my usual morning tours.

Getting back to my doctor at the end of next week. I also have to check my blood pressure every other week from now in. We’ll see what happens.

Today’s stunning photos courtesy of Patrick Nouhailler under a CC-license.

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