Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields Day 54

Just got home after a one hour walk. Listened to BeatBlender on Soma FM for some inspiration for my soundscape. Got some clues I want to try out.

soundscapeI noticed this morning that I really got something done yesterday. The first ten minutes of the soundscape are coming together with all my three building blocks. The third scene still needs a lot of work.

So today I will try to keep building the initial structure of the soundscape in part one and two.

I play a lot of WordFeud. I love letters, words and combinations. I am not a star at it but it’s a nice way to relax. Yesterday I managed a personal best for one word with 108 points. 🙂



soundscapeHasn’t been a great day today. Can’t concentrate on the soundscape and I think it has to do with taking the tests tomorrow. It worries me a bit. And I caught myself thinking that if I have some sort of serious condition, it would be good news because it would give me more time to make music. That is a sick thought. Really. Test results will be back later this week.

Struggling with the piano part in scene two and generally with part three of the soundscape. Just tired and feeling restless. Don’t have the patience at the moment. Listened to part two several times and can’t find an opening to evolve the piano part. Just flipping the keyboard, but nothing turn out right. For part three there is another mess. I mute tracks and try to find a new sound to incorporate. But haven’t found anything acceptable yet.

Why is it that sometimes everything just gets on a roll and sometimes nothing works? If I look in my music diary there is a clear pattern. When I have a period when nothing works, the thing that works is to work even harder. And then, out of nowhere the pieces come together. I hope this will happen in the coming days.

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