Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields Day 53

Saturday. Time for uninterrupted space to continue to make soundscape. So far I have laid out the first 15 minutes of groundwork. Still to come is a piano part. And major adjustments.

I have the compass set for part number four. But will not go┬áthere yet. Want to consolidate the soundscape’s first 15 minutes first.

So I have the piano part at hand. Also some timing issues and the third component, ornamentation.

* The first component of a soundscape is melody, themes and the underlying changes in rythm.

* The second part of a soundscape is the harmonics and the thin curtains of evolving sounds.

* The third part of a soundscape is the ornamentation. The little sounds in the background, the odd percussion, the unexpected harmonies that appears maybe once or twice.

soundscapeAll parts are equally important. They play together to form the soundscape. You can’t remove any one of them. But they have to be connected to each other with care. It’s like gardening I guess. It takes time for the parts to grow and blossom and to find their final shape.

I’m home today. Really taking a walk later today. Have to write a letter. Going back for tests on Monday. My blood pressure is way to high and my kidneys are take a beating. We have a history of kidney related illness in my family. So it feels really good to get the tests done. But that’s Monday.

Good progress. The piano part is coming along. Have to continue to tweak to find the right sound. Don’t want a perfect piano sound. Want a sound that’s “sounds” like a piano. But slowly getting there. It takes time to find the right settings and I’m not done by a longshot.

soundscapeI took my “mystic sound” for a spin. At the moment it marks the end of every scene and acts like a bridge. I made a harplike thing out of it using the note editor. But when I started to play on the key board I think I found a little theme for scene one. ­čÖé

What strikes me after I’ve been working with this for the last week is what a tremendous amount of time it takes to do this. And for me, all it comes down to is being able to run things my way. And that means taking control of my TIME. That has to be a top priority from now on.

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