Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields Day 51

Yesterday was kind of a good day. Made some real progress with the soundscape scene 2. So today I’m going to add a piano. To both scenes is a matter of fact. Ten minutes of piano playing. Scene two really took off with the percussion from DrumJam and my added baseline.

soundscapeWrote a pretty long post yesterday and the plug-in published it for me on FaceBook. Then I noticed a couple of things that I wanted to change in the appearance. So I deleted the post from FB and made the changes. But after that the plug-in refused to publish the post again. So I hope for better luck today.

Apart from making soundscapes I’m going shopping today. Have to take the car. Usally I stop on the way home with my taxi bus. Don’t know what time but I think sometime this afternoon. I have to remember my headphones. Without them I can’t deal with the sound pollution.

Promised myself I’ll be taking walks between soundscape making this week but that hasn’t happened. Bit of a disappointment really. Tomorrow I have my doctor’s appointment. That is very important to me and the starting point for my healing process. Guess I’m a little bit tense over this. Couldn’t fall asleep last night and I’m tired today.

Listened to the first ten minutes of the soundscape. And it’s good enough to consider as a sustainable foundation. Improvised with the piano part and discovered some things I might use. Didn’t record anything.

soundscapeScene three of the soundscape will be more meditative. Have to slow things down. So I made a loop in DrumJam with 80 BPM. Pasted it along with the field recording. But when I think about it it’s time to get off the tram here. So I have to use another field recording for this scene of the soundscape.

Decided to stick with the tram ride for scene three. Have something good going there with a small voice loop from Alchemy, the drum loop from DrumJam and the Airchorus from Eden. The first third of this soundscape is coming together very nicely.

Kept working with scene three. Added some stuff that points towards some kind of development. A passage to scene four. Some mystical sounds. I imagine that some sort of non-carbon life form is trying to lure one of the passengers to get off at the next stop.

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