Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields Day 50

My 50th post and 50th day I work on my newest soundscape Morphogenetic Fields. And I celebrate this with the installment of a plugin to my WP-blog that publishes every post on my FaceBook from now on.

soundscapeAs it is 50 days today since I started this soundscape a little recapitulation of past events is in order.

* the first 42 days of soundscape work were all influenced by Sauron, the evil wizard. I was not composing with my heart but with samples. I lived under his spell for six weeks. At last Gandalf came to my rescue and saved me. I ditched the first six weeks of work.

* I discovered DrumJam and suddenly the percussion will be an influential part in this soundscape. That is progression for me. I’ve never used percussion as an integral part in my soundscapes before. I will continue to use samples from Alchemy, Sunrizer and Magellan. But for soundscape ornamentation and enhancement. Not for drowning myself in MB:s and distorting walls of electronic sounds.

* The basis of the current soundscape is a field recording from Budapest made this summer of a tram ride. This recording will be the off spring of the whole piece. Field recordings from Budapest. I’m visiting Budapest in mid November and I will document my journey and stay with my iPhone in pictures and sound. This approach is also new for me. This soundscape is about journeys. Inside and outside journeys.

* I am currently at home. On Friday I will see a doctor about my mental status. I’ve had some tought years and my mind and body just said stop last Friday. I do have a challenging journey ahead of me.

soundscapeIt took me 50 days to understand what this soundscape is about. But now I know it’s about journeys. In the outside world and inside myself. As much as my first three soundscapes been about my little trip to hell.

My previous soundscape Dr Heisenberg’s Final decision was about loss and in a couple of ways total despair. I can see this now as I’m writing this post. And I can’t stop thinking that the field recording of the tram ride for my present soundscape is a turning point.

It’s the beginning of a journey towards the lights again. But I have many stops left. And stations where I have to get off the tram to search for the clues on who I really am. And how I can heal myself in order to heal larger things in my life but myself. And finally find closure. If I can’t reach that moment I don’t stand a chance in the long run.