Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields day 25

October 6, 2012

We had frost this morning. 🙁 Sadly a sign that things are going the wrong way. It will get colder and darker now for many months. In a way more relaxed weather for making my soundscape.

soundscapeGot disturbing news yesterday. My scheduled afternoon tour with the bus is cancelled from Monday. It means I loose half the money I use to make. And there is no chance for me to compensate for it all the way. So basically I just lost a shit load of my wages. That is of course worrying. But it just makes me more determined than ever that I must work even harder to turn my life around and pursue my dreams with my soundscapes.

Been working almost all day with the SEO stuff. Moving along nicely and got lots done today. Almost finished with what I set out to do. Tomorrow the work continues on SEO and soundscape making.

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