Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields day 24

It’s gonna be SEO all day and all weekend. Hopefully some soundscape making also. I forgot how much time and how tedious the SEO process is. All my pages and posts has to be optimized for the search engines. Luckily I have good plug-in that helps me get the right stuff at the right place.

soundscapeHopefully I will get some soundscape music done today. That would make me feel much better. My SonicSculptures are in reality soundscaps, but the procedure is different.

Have to reward myself today. Have done a great job on the SEO part today. This calls for a zip my 12 year Bowmore. And Midsummer Murders before I go to bed. Good work today inspite of chaos and some really depressing news about work.

soundscapeBut in a way it gets me even more determined to go my own way and create the life I want to have. Life of soundscapes.

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