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Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields day 20

October 1, 2012

Fall is officially here today. And I start out this week by not going to work. My bus won’t be ready until tomorrow or Wednesday. So I suddenly got the time to fix things I otherwise have to do on weekends. Gives me more continous time to make soundscape music.

Read this morning about AudioShare. Looks like a must have in my toolbox. It’s an app that basically stores all your recordings from all your apps. Brilliant for the loops of soundscape making.

soundscapeWoke up my domain today and activated WP. I have to do a real house cleaning and get the new stuff in place and get organized.

All Morpho posts are written the correct day, but I publish them all a month later. That way there are actually quite a lot to read on the blog from the start. And I have to get cracking with all the other texts, my tags and find suitable pictures to use. So being without my bus right now suits me just fine.

Working with the blog. I got my domain niclastamas.com in 2009. I have to rebuild the whole thing. But, I wont’t spend too many hours on this. I have an abundance of material so I got to find a good way of presenting it. The main focus is my soundscape.

soundscapeNo soundscape music composed today. Very unusual. Planning the blog and fetching old tunes. Luckily I have saved almost everything at Bandcamp. But sadly a couple of tunes are forever missing..Anyway, tomorrow will be busy. Listened to my old tunes. Hey, they sound decent after all. 🙂 Both my nujazz pieces and the soundscapes.

Will listen to the first 10 minutes of Morpho soundscape before I go to sleep. Decided to release the blog and Dr. Heisenberg 20th of October. Exactly 2 years since I released the first album in the world entirely composed, mixed and produced on an iPhone, Last train to Vienna.

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