Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields day 19

Breakfast and Knightrider, like every Saturday and Sunday before any soundscape making. Won’t have my bus back until Wednesday. So I got an unexpected break from work and an opportunity to move the piece forward.

I should also use the time to do the final preparation for the release of Dr Heisenberg’s final decision, my latest soundscape. Much of it is done but this morning I remembered that I need a good picture/photo for SoundCloud.

soundscapeWhy don’t I RTFM? Found out I can save presets in Alchemy. Just need to save them as a Project, give it a name and when I need the setting the next time I just load the project. Easy peasy.

Practised on SoundPrism for a couple of hours for this soundscape. Improvizing for the pianopart. And after 40 minutes a theme emerged. Very simple three note repetition. From there I added chords and variations. And repeating the loop from ThumbJam over and over again. Trying different combinations and different rhythms. Will probably try to do a pre recording this afternoon.

soundscapeTurned SoundPrism the wrong way and things started to happen. Played with my eyes closed in the “wrong” rythm. Totally backwards and in spite the piece is just 40 bpm I managed to get a swing feel. Two minutes later I don’t remember how I did it. It sucks. Wish I recorded that. 🙁

Putting down the iPad for today. We’ll see if I get any further tomorrow on this soundscape. My general feeling is that I’m far from any recording of the piano part.

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