Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields day 07

It’s not a base line. It’s the theme for the soundscape prelude I found yesterday. The deep sound is a perfect contrast to the cello. They will, as it looks, make the prelude move me into a new direction for the first part.

I got up an hour early yesterday helping my sister to transport her kitchen cupboards to have them renewed. And had a vehicle inspection for the taxi bus. Did my shopping and cooked in the evening. So it wasn’t the best conditions to make music last night. But I tried. Have to clean that up now.

soundscapeNew recording to be made in Magellan with the TRG-loop from NS. It’s in place and I just have to get on with it.

Can’t get it to work. Recorded a bunch of variations with different parameters. Things don’t work out. Not satisfied by far. It’s not rocket science, just to do it all over again. I’m getting there. Slowly. Have to try 20 more times to get it right. 🙂

Found what I was looking for my soundscape tonight. I have my field recordings from Budapest, which I recorded this summer. Listened to them and found what I was looking for. The missing part of the soundscape prelude. It’s a recording of a journey between two stations. I think it is from Battanhy ter. Moved it from my iPhone, converted it with Switch and Nanosynced it. It needed a little trimming before I could paste it to the TRG-pad.

Soundscape progression

The first 2.30 min of the soundscape is pretty much in place. But there are issues of mixing and desired effects. My idea now is to do a major and then a minor part. BUT, I need a proper transition between them.

soundscapeI don’t want to mess up things in the mixer yet and put my effects there. I’d rather apply the effects by re-sampling. Keeps my options more open as I go along. I think I want to decentralise as much as possible so I can edit each scene individually. And then apply a bird’s perspective for final mixing and mastering.

All in all another good day. I’m getting focused and developing my workflow skill. But man, there is SO much to learn… But I really think I found the key to the piece tonight with the recorded villamos ride…

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