Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields day 06

Made a third recording today of my soundscape to the TRG pad with my background sounds. Sounds ok, but still some way to go. The cello was just was I was looking for.

The sample imported from Alchemy has its setting in the effects tab. I can remove them, play around with them, change them or let them be. For now I just leave them. When it comes to volume I lowered the two synth loops to 30 to give the cello enough room. Will leave it at that for now.

What I’m missing is some deep sounds to give it balance and some sort of rhythmic orientation. Like a pulse. Will experiment today and try to find something for this soundscape.

soundscapeHad a 40-minute break. Loaded up Magellan, my newest synth. It is probably the best you can get for your iPad at present, together with Sunrizer. I had an idea of letting Magellan be for this project. Just played around with it for a couple of days. But I found what I was looking for straight away.

Pasted a loop to the tape deck in Magellan and it sounds fantastic. Can be done much better, but the basic (!) sound is there. All it needs is a little tweaking.

At this point I have my four sounds for the soundscape prelude. Now it’s getting more engineering like than strict creativity. The sounds must be made to fit together. There are some mixing issues at hand. I have to consult the Magellan manual. That will be tonight. Have to work now.

Soundscape food

Will work with the baseline and Magellan tonight. Made some pizza crests. Will be my delicious haloumi pizza tonight, with a topping of red onion, bacon and chanterelles. The cheese has a slight sting of chilli. Roasting aubergine and red peppers for the new Ajvar relish tomorrow. Will peel them, brunoise and chop down some garlic. It will taste great with some oil in tomorrow.

The baseline will certainly move the soundscape forward. The sound of it is spot on.

Made some pre-recordings. To many things went wrong.
* Input volume to low
* Tried to resample in NS but all I got was dist
* To tired to continue now. Will go to sleep

All in all it’s been a good day. Will start over with the base line tomorrow. Tired tweaks. No good. Got to have a sharp mind doing soundscapes.

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