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Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields day 05

September 16, 2012

Sunday. Knight Rider and breakfast before soundscape work.

Today I will address the timing issue. Think I can trace it to either the inability to change tempo on my loop in Thumb Jam or that I just made the timing error myself while recording. I keep track of the length using the timer on my iPhone.

I have two main tasks today. One is to polish and finalize the first part of the soundscape prelude. The other is to start working on the second part of the soundscape prelude.

soundscapeTurns out the timing in Thumb Jam are ok, despite the fact it shows 102.4 bpm and the original sample is 40 bpm. So next step to investigate is NS. Both TRG pads are 150 s. I can only conclude that something went wrong when I did the actual recording. So I just have to re-record. Good thing that the bpm didn’t effect the actual time in Thumb Jam.

My preparations for a actual recording for this soundscape continues. Increased attack and release on the cello in ThumbJam, which by the way has the absolute best sounding instruments for iOS, imho. It’s a must have in my toolbox. Adjusted the reverb and closed the delay and LP. The sound is getting there. It’s a big improvement from yesterday.

Here is a good workflow detail I used when creating a soundscape. When saving my tweaked samples I label them mypiecetitle+instrument name. That way all my own samples show up after one another in the samples list. This is handy when you can’t create your own folders. So the tweaked cello sample is now Morphogenetic Cello. That way I can also easily find the sounds I want to reuse after a couple of years. I slowly build up my own unique sound and soundscape this way. ThumbJam is excellent because it automatically saves your own pre-sets to a user folder.

Will firstly re-record my loop in Alchemy. The last loop can be improved by miles. When I’m satisfied with the Alchemy loop I will do a recording session in ThumbJam.

Working with Alchemy searching for the right loop. Experienced some audio stuttering so had to reboot Alchemy both yesterday and today. Should probably close the other apps to free up processor power.

Alchemy is faboulicious. You can save your favourite sounds to a dedicated library. And you can save the tweaks as a project. Perfect for soundscape creation.

soundscapeChanged the main sound back to one on my initial list. After some experimenting with chord transitions major/minor, morphing and reverb/modFX modifications this suits my purpose better. Also separated scene 1 and 2 properly in NS. That way the 10 scenes are standalone pieces and not part of a continuum. This might give me a better incentive on my aims on contrast, diversity etc within my pre-arranged framework.

Was moving my finger on the reverb/FX pad with eyes closed. Became a huge difference in listening experience. I always use headphones (Sennheiser HD 465) and not speakers. Can’t afford the speaker I want at the moment (Libratone Live wireless speaker. Round 600€) But I’m very pleased with the Sennheisers. Been with me since I started making music on my iPhone back in October 2009.

Ready for recording session. Very subtle moves make an enormous difference over time. So I follow the sound with my eyes closed. Imagining I’m on a journey without a map or any signs of direction.

Not satisfied. But came up with a new idea. First track Alchemy. No tweaking. Just let the sound evolve in a lower major chord. Evolving sounds are great for my soundscapes. Same set up, but done in SoundPrism using the base tone to create some body. Third track the cello part recorded in ThumbJam.

soundscapeFirst part major, second part minor. Using one TRG pad with one sample on each bus. Keeps it flexible. And I think I will use one Eden track for my string settings from Dr Heisenberg. That should make great ingredients for the prelude, first 5 minutes of Morphogenetic Fields.

Read that Audiobus been approved by Apple. This is probably going to change and make my workflow so much easier. And the app is going to change the iOs music landscape. The app provides live, app-to-app audio streaming in iOS. This means basically that the copy-paste days are over. And a new world of possibilities opens up. The approval is a major milestone for iOS music production.

End of Soundscape day 05

Took care of the laundry and have two haloumicrest pizzas with bacon/cheese topping in the oven. Will watch Midsummer Murders, eat, take a nap and then concentrate on a recording session tonight. 🙂

Recording session complete. Good work today. Made good progress with new techniques in Alchemy, ThumbJam and SoundPrism. 2 min 30 sec of the prelude on separate buses on TRG pad in NS. My new soundscape has taken it’s first steps.

Just chilling the rest of the evening.

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