Soundscape – Morphogenetic Fields Day 04

September 15, 2012

Saturday morning. Weekend. Lots of uninterrupted soundscape space.

Last night I experimented with Thumb Jam. Pasted the loop from Alchemy and played a melody on the cello. It sounded nice and I will explore that further today.

I pretty much found and decided on the sound for the prelude. There were three candidates and I picked one of them as suitable. I will experiment and try to find new ways of playing and using Alchemy’s touch pads. Then I might even do a test recording this weekend.

soundscapeTurned on virtual midi in Alchemy and played exactly the same chord in SoundPrism. The sound gets much smoother and the subtle changes over time are perfect for a soundscape. SoundPrism is always a magic box. Giving big kudos to the Audanika guys. They are truly innovative when it comes to develop pure iOS instruments. The interface enables creativity without barriers.

I usually have the TV on mute when I work. Guess I want to have something flowing in the room at the same time. Don’t like static modes. Usually I just lay down on my comfy sofa.

Pieces of a new work flow for my soundscape coming together. Select a sound in Alchemy. Playing it in SoundPrism via virtual midi. Recording it in Alchemy. Copy the recording to the pasteboard. Pasting it as a loop in Thumb Jam. Recording a new loop in Thumb Jam with the cello. Copy that loop to a TRG pad in NanoStudio. But I want the Alchemy loop and cello loop separate. Want them on separate buses on the TRG pad in NanoStudio.

After splitting the prelude into two parts I have 2 m and 30 s on each part. My idea is to build it up slowly.

So I’m going to make a first recording using the SoundPrism set up I described above. I will probably have to get it to NS first to trim it. There are no trimming options in Thumb Jam at the moment.


Later soundscape day 04

Just remembered I had a vehicle/car inspection at 11.00. Totally forgot. No alarm on my iPhone=I will probably forget about it. Well, managed to reschedule before 11, that way I won’t be charged twice. That means almost 40€. Have really good use for that money elsewhere.

soundscapeMade a preliminary recording. 2 and half minutes of the loop from Alchemy, played in Soundprism, recorded in Alchemy, trimmed in Nanostudio and pasted as a loop to Thumb Jam. Recorded the cello part with low loop volume. Saved and pasted it to the TRG pad in NS. A good soundscape creation practise.

To obtain a rich deep sound I have one Alchemy loop on bus 1 and my recording with the cello on bus 2. All I have to do is mix them properly.

Discovered a timing error with the cello part. Will clear that tomorrow. Can’t seem to change the tempo in the Thumb Jam loop box although I cleared the previous loop and did a repaste.

Time to get ready. Going to one of my sisters tonight. Her kids are picking me up. Will continue work tomorrow on the second part of the prelude. Time to be social for a couple of hours.

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