September 14, 2012

The sound search is just the beginning. And in reality it’s a search for sounds that have a good tweak potential. And have good soundscape potential.

The Alchemy interface offers a variety of tweak options. One is to slowly push the rectangle over the numbers and the sound changes accordingly. You have the effect knobs at the right. Underneath there are two boxes with xy tweaks. There is also an option to change the scale, playing individual notes or major/minor chord.

soundscapeI can hear what sound I’m looking for. And this is key (no pun intended) to the whole piece. The sound I’m looking for has to have enough potential to, so to speak, unlock the door to the soundscape at hand. This may sound strange in regard to the fact that my note sheet is already at hand. But this counts for my fascination with working with my backwards composing. I have to sculpt the piece out of the sheet.

Good weather today. Drizzly and windy. I enjoy that. Will continue to build up my list of tweakable sounds. Why did Alchemy remove the preset tab in the last update? Will write them and ask to put it back, along with some other suggestions.

Rest of soundscape day 03

Having a one-hour break before my regular afternoo school run. Down to a shortlist of 3 sounds now. Started testing them with major/minor chords and listening to the possible changes over time. Searching for a warm and welcoming soundscape that initiates curiosity. This is the beginning of the tale.

Fooled around and tested new and different techniques on the general pad. Played with one finger. Two fingers. Three fingers. In circles. Slowly with the tilt and inertia on. Totally different soundscapes with the same note and sound. Just testing. No tweaking yet. Will continue tonight. Getting ready for school run now. The soundscape is slowly slowly coming along.

Friday evening. Cold beer in the fridge. Made two haloumi crest pizzas. Will continue to listen and test my candidates. Saturday mornings: Knight Rider (original version) and breakfast. Then start working at nine.

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