The beginning

September 12, 2012

Planning the new soundscape based on my hexany scheme. Moved the scenes around to create an intro of 5 minutes based on an evolving soundscape and arp melody. That’s the plan anyway.

Listening to my libraries in Alchemy and searching for the right sounds. I know I’ve found it when I hear it.

Looking for a dark evolving soundscape teamed with a bright arpeggio.

The notes I’m working with are a “c” and a “d” for two parts. I can use minor or major chords, individual notes and I can change keys or scales.

soundscape with SoundPrismBut for now I just want to find the proper “it” sounds for the prelude. And I might even discover a suitable theme.
When I found what I’m looking for I will work with SoundPrism to maybe include other notes in the pattern for scene 1, the prelude.

This will surely take at least a couple of days to explore and finally come up with a test version of the prelude.

Came home late. No time for music. Made risotto on cauliflower, mushrooms, ham and Parmesan. Great for lunch tomorrow. It’s almost 9 o’clock. Will listen to more sound libraries. Then turn on BBC 4 and go to sleep. Good day.

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