BBC back on my iPhone!

September 13, 2012

First half of my regular morning runs cancelled. Taking a break for 60 minutes to keep searching for sounds in the Alchemy banks for my soundscape.

Did some editing on the scenes last night. Cut the prelude into two parts and decided to go with 4 tracks. Takes a bit of planning here, because I want to use the TRG-pads.

I can have 16 samples/pad, but there are only 3 buses. So I need to think ahead. I can use a sample in Eden, but the pitch will not stay consistent. So that is not an option. So I have to be careful what I use so I don’t get short on tweaking options later on.

soundscapeGoing through the libraries making a list of possible sounds I want to use for the prelude in my soundscape.

At last BBC London is back on after the London 2012. Really missed the Breakfast Show, Vanessa, Robert, and my favourite Eddie Nestor. He is the nestor of talk radio.

Making haloumi crest for my pizzas tomorrow and some Ajvar Relish. Cold beer in the fridge. Seeing one of my sisters and her kids on Saturday. Board games and cards. She’s making rakott krumpli. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tonight I will continue my search for new possible sounds and watch 50 minutes of Sherlock Holmes, the new series by BBC. It’s awesome!!

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