2016 iPad Pro
Working on a string quartet since December 2015 with Gestrument and Borderlands.

2015 iPad Air 2
Departures – Ensemble music for Gestrument and Borderlands (September)
Fantasia for two Orchestras – Orchestral music for Gestrument and Borderlands (July)

2014 iPhone 5
5 Improvisations for Gestrument (May to July)
Téli Estéken – 3 piano pieces for Gestrument (February to May)

2013 iPhone 5
The Deamons of Apel Street – Orchestral music for Gestrument (November)
Emoticons – Orchestral music for Gestrument (September)
Morphogenetic Fields – Pieces of Life vol. 5 (July)
The Unicorn – an electropera (February)

2012 iPhone 5
Dr Heisenberg’s Final Decision – Pieces of Life vol. 4 (October)
Lullaby for sleepy Nanobots – Pieces of Life vol. 3 (January)

2011 iPhone 4
The Tail(e)s and Mysteries of Electric Elephants – Pieces of Life vol. 2 (June)
Shopping Cart Romance – Pieces of Life vol. 1 (June)
Ocean Suburbs – Album (October)
Naked Pavement – Album (May)
A Winter’s Tale – Album (January)

2010 iPhone 3
Last train to Vienna – Album (October). First published album in the world that was entirely composed, mixed and produced on an iPhone.

More music by Niclas Tamas aka Budapest Dream Orchestra 

SoundCloud – various shorter pieces

Bandcamp – some nu-jazz and electronica