August 30, 2014

14-08-08 There are to many things in my external Process to keep me busy. I calculated this in early April and said that I would devote the necessary energy. It’s making me impatient that I can’t seem to find the calm to sit down. But today I figured out why. Hotel Gellért requires a lot

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July 30, 2014

14-07-06 In order to evolve and not follow ones unconscious tracks every thing I work with must be outside my comfort zone. I read a couple of articles over at Aaron Gervais blog. Highly recommended reading! I’m working on Hotel Gellért at the moment and been doing so for a couple of weeks now. It’s

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June 30, 2014

14-06-01 May was very intense. June will be a terrific month with me getting an iPad Air the 19th. Same day my 8 week summer vacation starts. And from the 17th of August I will be working with my music 4 days a week and drive a cab 3 days a week. Every week from

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14-05-02 New project started so I changed my photo on FB. It’s a brain and I added some effects to it and the slogan “Follow your dream”. So, what is my dream? Where am I heading with the new project “Landscapes”? * I am heading into unknown territory once again. * I haven’t (yet) set

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April 30, 2014

14-04-04 Lately there hasn’t been much time for music making. I’ve travelled a couple of times and until July things will be a bit upside down. For the good fortunately. In hindsight I must admit that I’m very pleased with the outcome of Téli estéken 02. I can value it as a big step forward

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