15-05-01 Had a few days with lower activity. I’m re adjusting to the fact that I’m heading in a new direction. Having a stream of bad confidence in what I’m doing. Doesn’t sound good and it does not diversify as I want. At the same time I know I’m putting in a lot of work.

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April 30, 2015

15-04-01 Listening to the first scenes I did in SoundScaper. Now, that’s an app I liked from the very first touch! Brilliant and “think different”. Two days ago I got Borderlands Granular. Now, those two with Gestrument and Alchemy and I have all the apps I need for a very long time I think. SoundScaper

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March 30, 2015

Dear friends! I suffered a severe stroke 15th of September 2014. That’s the reason for my diary not being published since then. But, from now on it will be delivered to your mailbox the first Saturday of every month as usual. A special warm welcome to the recent subscribers.   15-03-08 The MRIMeditation 01 was

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