October 15, 2016

First blog for several years.   Went out for a short walk today. Testing and trying out my Røde iXY microphone. Have to get all the recording preparation I can get so I can start utilising the recordings in my soundscapes properly. Please follow and like us:

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July 30, 2016

DATELESS I’m spending time from home quite a bit lately. That’s uncommon and a new behaviour recently. And I’m not sure it’s beneficial in the present form. I’m used to very strict routines to make my daily life function. Before the stroke it was a necessity to work for the time I needed to create

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June 30, 2016

160604 We’ve entered June already. I can now honestly say that writing and publishing my music diary this way suits me way better. More time to write, more coherent and well written entries. My life is changing rapidly, for the better that is. My new circumstances will inevitably find its way into my music. I’ve

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160503 Working under some new conditions. From today I’m laying on my sofa in the living room instead of on my bed. I needed a change. May looks good from a music perspective. I don’t have anything in particular planned and my mandatory meetings are just two this month. So basically I have three weeks

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April 30, 2016

160405 Working early today, before my forest walk. Tinkering with my schedule again to make it work more efficient. Tuesdays are sort of a new model I’m developing, coherent music days. I had a mentor many years ago and one of the valuable lessons I learned was that I have to create the time I

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