Ambient Music – Morphogenetic Fields Day 92

December 12, 2012

After yesterdays post I’m back on track again with the diary of Morphogenetic Fields, my ambient music piece.

ambient musicI think the piece matured enough to call the first twenty minutes stable. They are not done. There are going to be things to look into later. But for now I think I will let it rest. Just give it a couple of listens and make small adjustments. Then really let it grow and prosper on its own for at least a fortnight.

So, I will start working on the fifth scene. I will reach the middle of the final piece here. And I’ll be using Gestrument to lead the way here. Like I let Sunrizer lead the way in Dr. Heisenbergs’ Final Decsision. That piece originated from just a short loop I made one afternoon.

But, Gestrument it is. And I want to use the field recording of the tram ride in Budapest in a new way. Have to find some new ideas.

As we speak AudioBus has been released. The app routes the sound from different apps which means you can play in one app and record it in another. Nothing musically new really. But for the work flow it’s a winner. I guess all apps who wish to be considered as serious in the future has to have AudioBus integration.

ambient musicNanoStudio is one of the apps that is not going to have support for it at the moment. We’ll see how things turn out. For me I’m not going to change anything at the moment. I wait and see. Pretty happy with my set-up at the moment.

If I want to evolve and develop my music I have to change my set-up also. Sooner or later. And the only way as I see it now is moving towards the Auria/Gestrument combination. And that means switching over to the iPad. For good this time. That’s just my two cents at the moment. But, I will not make any hasty decisions now.

ambient musicNow I have to take the bus down town and make a few errands. This afternoon another garlic soup test cook and getting on with the fifth part of Morphogenetic Fields with Gestrument. My ambient music slowly moving forward.

Voices intrigues me. I experimented this afternoon with Alchemy and Gestrument. Alchemy is awesome on its own. Together with Gestrument it opens up a whole new sound universe to me. So I will keep listening and work my way around the different settings and possibilities in Gestrument.

I have a really great day making ambient music today! Apart from making a very good transition loop in Gestrument, I discovered a new thing in NanoStudio.

I have all my samples on the TRG-pads. I can program them to keep a steady rytm by marking the tempo and just touch the button. Today, by mistake, I pressed the wrong TRG-pad. And suddenly I heard this awesome sound. Turns out I pressed one of the voice sample buttons. And using the voice as a tempo marker was a real discovery!!!! It sounds so cool….:-) 🙂

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