Ambient music – Morphogenetic Fields Day 91

December 11, 2012

As mentioned yesterday here is a little tutorial of getting started with making ambient music on your iPhone/iPad. Enjoy!

Can you make an album on your iPhone?
Do you want to make professional recordings and share and market them on the Internet? This article is about how you can start making sweet music on your iPhone and iPad.

As for now (November 2012) Apple is still the dominant player in this field with iPods, iPhones,  iPads and the App store. There are some Android, and soon some Microsoft alternatives, but they are not regarded in this article.

In the App store you will find thousands of music related apps. The amount is overwhelming even for someone who follows this evolution close at hand. So, I will focus on professionally designed apps for the beginner or intermediate user.

About three years ago I downloaded my first music making app from the App store. The app, iSequence, blow my mind and the ability to make music on my iPhone changed my life. I decided to cut the cables. Once and for all. I sold all my gear and never looked back.

First of all the apps you need are inexpensive

soundscape* How about getting a full blown synthesizer or a full blown studio environment for less than 15$? Does this sound to good to be true? With my apps I have created professionally sounding full length albums on my iPhone. I have created fifty minute soundscapes and ambient pieces using only my iPhone and iPad.

* Another benefit of low priced apps is that you don’t have to buy any expensive gear or instruments. You don’t have to have a separate room to store the set-up in. You don’t have to buy expensive software and speakers for your Mac or PC. All you need is a decent pair of head phones.

Second of all, there is freedom
I can make my ambient music anywhere I want. I don’t have to sit in front of my computer or go into my home studio. I can pick up my iPhone anywhere and make music. On the bus, on my hotel room, on my balcony a warm summers day, sitting at the library, sitting with a coffee in a bar, on the beach, on a bench in a park. The possibilities are endless. All I need is a pair of headphones and a charged battery. My first four albums were made when I drove a cab.
soundscapeBetween my drives I just picked up the phone and continued to compose music. I made four full length albums on my iPhone this way. These days I compose lengthy 50-minute ambient pieces. On my sofa, in bed, at the library, in the park, at the airport, in the woods….

Thirdly, it’s a breeze sharing your music
After you finished your masterpiece it’s time to share it with the world. There are several different solutions to this. You can share them via the iTunes file sharing. You can send your music as an mp3 or .wav file. Or you can upload it directly to on the Internet.

This is my Top 5 list to get started

1. Figure .99 $

– amazing three track studio with bass, drums and lead. Easy and fun to use!

2. SoundPrism 7.99 $. Free basic version.

– An instrument of its own. Make beautiful music instantly. You can’t play wrong.

3. DrumJam 7.99 $

– amazing and fun percussion app.

4. Alchemy mobile. Free basic version. Full version 14.99 $.

– hours of synth fun. Easy to use. No learning curve.

5. MusicStudio. Functional free version. Full version 14.99 $.

– full fledged studio environment for recording and sharing your music

Happy music making

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