Ambient Music – Morphogenetic Fields Day 90

December 10, 2012

I am approaching my 100 day celebration. And on day 100 I will release a new mix of what I accomplished so far. A taste of the final ambient music.

ambient musicStill cold here. Inside my apartment it’s nice and cosy though. All the radiators are functioning and I can walk barefoot without any problems. Such a change from last winter and when I was living in the house.

Last night I was full of enthusiasm about my music and the future. Right now I’m a little blue. But I guess that has to do with that I have call my GP tomorrow. But everything will turn out good in the long run. I am positive about that.

Working on an article entitled “Can you make music on your iPhone?”. Just a quick walk through of what I judge as the three main advantages of switching over to an iPhone for ambient music making. And at the end 5 apps that I recommend to start out with and try your wings with. Will write more on this subject of course. I am kind of an expert on the matter I guess.

Now it’s evening and soon bed time for me. All in all quite a good day, but I don’t have any energy in the afternoons. Tomorrow it’s grocery shopping, article writing/editing and of course ambient music making.

ambient musicTomorrow there will be no regular blog post. I will publish the article instead. And if I may summarize these first 100 days (almost) of writing a blog post every day, I quite like it. I haven’t read them through yet. But that is something I will start with tomorrow. And maybe jot down some thoughts on the matter. I’ve soon reached 100 consecutive posts. And I guess I can find out something about myself by reading them. And one thing that strikes me is that the initial intention is gone. It was to write about only the music side of things. As it turned out it’s more of a diary really. A mix between creation and private life.

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