Ambient Music – Morphogenetic Fields Day 89

December 9, 2012

Very nice quiet Sunday in the ambient music making world today. Sunny day but I don’t think I’ll be going out today. It’s pretty cold.

ambient musicTomorrow I have to go grocery shopping. Having friends over for dinner on Thursday night. Will make a rich creamy garlic soup and I have to test cook it a couple of times. Haven’t made it for some time now. Looking forward to that.

I use to cook quite a lot. But nowadays it’s periodic. Cooking is really one of my main interests. But under my present circumstances I sadly can’t prioritise it as I would want to. And the part that I live by myself is also a factor. A good meal tastes best when you share it with someone.

Worked a little bit on my Jingle Bells version last night. It’s getting there. My main ambient music project is currently in the fourth scene. I established the ground and continue to add things.

Discovered a new technique for editing. As I mentioned before I am meticulous when it comes to timing. So it takes time and effort to get everything perfect and aligned. This was in hindsight the biggest hurdle to overcome in the beginning. Getting used to the small screen and trying to establish a work flow.

ambient musicThese days I know NanoStudio inside out and I have a good work flow pattern established. And thou it is sometime cumbersome to accomplish things I still have far more power and possibilities than The Beatles at Abbey Road ever had.

And I think this is an important point to make. It’s not about the gear and your equipment these days. It’s about the music you make. Your ability to communicate. And to be heard you have to walk your own path.

And I think I will write in more depth about in what direction I think the iOS music scene is heading. There are clearly very different pathes that are emerging. For good and for bad.

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