Ambient Music – Morphogenetic Fields Day 88

December 8, 2012

ambient music

After yesterday’s outburst of positive energy I keep making progress. Both with my ambient music making and with my web project.

First of all I made a two minute interpretation of Jingle Bells. I was on the iPad going about with NanoStudio, Gestrument, DrumJam and AudioShare. And after two hours (had Midsummer Murders on the tv but didn’t watch) I had accomplished something interesting. Listened to it this morning and made some adjustments. Will let it rest now and will mail it next weekend. It’s a shot in the dark to a Christmas compilation album. We’ll see how it works out.

The new sound I sculpted out yesterday for my ambient music piece, Morphogenetic Fields, is a good foundation for the fourth part. I listened to the fourth part yesterday and I regard it as a plausible foundation laid out.

So yesterday was one of my best days for a very long period of time. And I feel I’m on the right track here.

My web project is moving ahead. Almost all of the texts are done and I’m currently working hands-on with the web site.

The SEO for this blog has been very rewarding. There are 12.000 searches for my keyword phrase and after just 50 days I rank top 40 and still climbing. That is also good news.

So all in all, yesterday might have been a turning point. We’ll see. Today it’s web work and making ambient music on my agenda.

Took the picture from my window last night. When all the lights come on, my neighbourhood turns into a winter wonder land.

I surprise myself not praising NanoStudio more. Such as doing a back up. Simply save the project as a .nsp file. Mail it to yourself. This is done inside NanoStudio. Then open the mail, download the .nsp file. Choose to open the attachment in Dropbox from within my mail program. Upload to designated folder in Dropbox. Easy peasy.

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