Ambient Music – Morphogenetic Fields Day 87

December 7, 2012

Just had one of my best ambient music sessions for weeks. I was right there in my bubble again. Three hours with just me and my iPhone.

ambient musicI really needed some positive energy. And my ambient music making delivered. I’m amazed how it can change and be so totally opposite compared to yesterday. And the past fortnight. I’ve been pushing the wagon all by myself. And it hasen’t given anything back. Until tonight.

Remember villamos drums? Well, I edited the soundwave a bit, shortened it and did a fade out. Made all the difference in the world. All of the sudden I had percussion for the fourth part.

I muted all but 5 tracks and started to sculpt a new sound in Eden. It is a background sound. But it will function as a marker between the parts in the part. And it behaves totally different depending on what pitch I give it. Will develop this sound further. It’s perfect for my ambient music.

And NanoStudio! What an app. I still learn new things on a regular basis. The opportunities are endless with this app. The Eden synth, the TRG pads and the effects. And even though I limited myself this time, I have so much freedom to work and create ambient music in this environment.

ambient musicSo glad I made the call to return to create on my iPhone. The iPad is for creating loops and other stuff. That’s its purpose for me. I found it to heavy and bulky to work with for a longer consistent time. The iPhone is perfect for me. It’s always with me and I don’t get tired to keep it in position.

Will celebrate with a small glass of  Zwack now. 🙂

It’s Friday night. And I quite enjoy being on my own. I live by myself. I am not involved with anyone. And though it from time to time feels a bit lonely, I don’t long for anyone. It’s one of my major personality traits, I like being by myself. I very often make that a conscious decision. I am not lonely. I just prefer being on my own making ambient music.

Todays delicious gulasch soup was made by Aloa.

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