Ambient Music – Morphogenetic Fields Day 83

December 3, 2012

As I wrote yesterday, my ambient music in the shape of Morphogenetic Fields, had a break through.

ambient musicBut first a little winter report. -15 C here today. That’s pretty cold and again I’m so glad I moved out of the house. It’s warm in my apartment and I don’t pay any extra for heating. My bills for the heating of my former house were around 300€/month during the cold season.

It’s really lovely outside with the sun shining so I will try to take a walk before it starts getting dark at three…

I mentioned Gestrument yesterday. Here’s a link to their homepage. Watch the videos and be amazed. A while ago I deserted my iPad for music making. Mostly because there were to many opportunities with the apps. Kind of got lost in opportunity land. So it was refreshing to return to my roots, iPhone only music making with NanoStudio.

ambient musicThis may change as I am considering to start exploring Gestrument on a larger scale. The app has a potential of getting my music to the next level. But, as always, there is the question of samples and size. The big upside with Gestrument, apart from the possibilities to really create your own unique sounding ambient music, is that I can use settings from other apps within Gestrument. So I open Sunrizer, turn on background audio, return to Gestrument. And suddenly I have 8 channels of that sound from Sunrizer to play with if I like. So I enhance the marvellous synth Sunrizer. I would say that Gestrument is SoundPrism on steroids.

And the app AudioShare. Really makes my life much easier. I can keep all my external sounds for my ambient music in one place. And the original is safe in one place.

All of this is doable because of the astonishing piece of software that is NanoStudio.

So I’m almost done with part three of my ambient music piece Morphogenetic Fields. Started out with part four. And what really moved all of this forward was two samples made with Gestrument.

Today’s picture by carolinejoan.

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