Ambient Electronica – Morphogenetic Fields Day 82

Just got my coffee and went back to bed to write this post regarding the creation my ambient electronica.

ambient electronicaFirst of all. I’m now in a process where the third part of this ambient electronica piece is coming along in a promising way.

This is due to two things. First of all Gestrument (more on that further down) and secondly because Morphogenetic Fields has developed a conscious of its own after 82 days. So I’m seriously considering posting a new mix for listening.

As I mentioned yesterday I noticed an update of one of the more interesting apps recently, Gestrument. It’s iPad only and until the update there were no way to either record or export. But the update solves that. The creator, a Swedish contemporary composer, has created a stunning app. And I am on the verge of starting to use it for my ambient electronica.

Gestrument has 8 channels to which you can assign 8 different instruments. You play on a grid. Every instrument can then be assigned a bunch of different parameters. It’s based on a patch the creator used himself for composing on a wacom tablet.

Gestrument can also be connected to the motion sensor of an X-box. And you can create your music using gestures. Take a look at their website. It’s some really cool stuff. And for me I think this is brilliant to use when making ambient electronica.

soundscapeSo I recorded a ten second snippet last night, saved it to another great app, AudioShare. Then mailed it to myself, opened the mail on my iPhone and saved the audio file directly into NanoStudio. Very very smooth. Assigned a TRG-pad and I was on my way. The whole operation took less than a minute. For a first try it melted in good in my present ambient electronica piece.

The snippet sounded a little bit darker than the original recording in Gestrument. Guess I’ll have to do some equalising. But Gestrument really lets me create some impressing depth and expression to my ambient soundscapes.

The other app is AudioShare. It is a library for all sounds on your device. You can organise the sounds in dedicated folders. So now I have a folder containing all the sounds for Morphogenetic Fields. The big advantage of AudioShare is that you can open the sounds in the app of your choosing. Perfect to keep all sounds in one place for use in my ambient electronica.

My field recording from yesterday was easily converted from .m4a to .wav inside AudioShare. Saves me heaps of time not having to use MusicStudio for this anymore.

That’s it for today. Plenty of more stuff containing the creation of my ambient electronica to tell, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post.

But I had a major breakthrough.

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