October 15, 2017

DSC00003Biggest news right now is that I spent my first night in my new apartment. So this morning was my first morning I woke up there. A little bit strange. And I had trouble sleeping due to all the new sounds and noises. I eventually fell asleep but I will need more rest today. I will get my internet up and running on Monday before lunch (right now I am sitting at Starbucks at Szell Kalman tér).

Skärmavbild 2017-11-22 kl. 11.33.04Since I’ve been very busy with organising practicalities the past few days I’ve been able to put a lot into listening to The Bishopric of Sikmam. It’s now measuring 48 minutes and this morning I listened to it twice. And the other days I’ve been listening to the whole piece a couple of times, but more to the samples in the sandbox. I duplicated the intro and finale and panned them left and right. I listened to the field recordings and tried to match them to different interludes. I have three interludes at the moment. They need some work of course, but basically they are keepers.

I have a few decisions that I need to make the coming days and weeks. First of all it’s the overall structure of the piece. I will put the different parts in another order. All I know right know is that the intro and finale have their respective places cut out for them. Then it all comes down to balancing the piece and find the inner rhythm and dynamics that works best.

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