October 10, 2017

IMG_5765Turns out that a piece for strings and trumpet that I wrote in August last year was the key for the intro I’ve been searching for. And more is coming to earth from that period last year. I was in Budapest for a fortnight in August last year. I did a couple of interesting field recordings using only the microphone on my iPhone 5 into Voicememo. I transferred a couple of them with Airdrop last night (Airdrop is reliable, convenient and fast) into the sandbox. They are mono recordings, but turns out they are very well suited for what I’m searching for. There are a field recording from a tram ride, from Mammut (a shopping mall in Buda) where a man sings folksongs and also a recording from Szell Kalman tėr (public transport hub) in Buda, among others.

ambient musicOn top of this I transferred the strings and English horn to Logic, Space Designed it with The Big String Reverb and just like that it sounded really good. I put all the reverb setting in Notion to 50% and 24-bit when exporting the wav-file. Anyway, I’m very pleased with it as is. Will let it rest for a couple of days until I give it another go.

My old invention came to use today. I decided to work on a continuation of Atlas which was the piece for strings and trumpet I discovered and decided to use as the Intro theme for The Bishopric of Sikmam. My old invention is what I call the Random Note Generator (RNG). It consists of a programmed Numbers sheet in which I paste randomly generated numbers. The numbers fill up another table with the corresponding notes. All is completely random and the RNG always work. There is always a way forward to work and it guarantees that I never get stuck. I see the RNG as a helpful tool. The entire string version of the theme to The Bishopric of Sikmam was made this way. It always feeds me with good ideas to develop and I never get stuck this way. The RNG is under version 01 at the moment, but I will develop it further and customise it over time.

ambient musicI generated 20 bars of RPG in C-minor and transcribed it into Notion. So at this point I have the chords in place. Now I can change the chords to my liking and after that create the lead for the trumpet.

Turned out that I wrote the trumpet stem in one single session. For the first time I sensed that I really mastered Notion for iOS. I could write the trumpet stem and all the time being fully concentrated on the creative process. Not at any point even thinking about technical how to’s. I just worked and got the job done. As a first draft I’m more than pleased, much work still remains but I laid a solid foundation today.

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