October 9, 2017

Yesterday was intense, as was all of last week really. I landed a suitable apartment on Wednesday and paid the first deposit on Friday. If everything works out properly I will move in Thursday this week. After that I will start the process of finding and trying out new routines.

DSC00035I have an amazing view from the living room where my desk will be at the window. That will be one of my working spots.Another is Massolit, a café/bookshop I’ve found where I find it enjoyable to work. I’m sure I’ll find other spaces also. The must be hundreds of suitable spots for me in Budapest. I just have to find them. Apart from signing the lease I’ll have to get an Hungarian SIM for my phone, probably go shopping at IKEA and on a Thursday evening I’m going to a concert.

soundscapeMusic wise there has been good progress. I starting to get into good routines again and I recon my walks and the field recordings will be very important the coming year. As to my work with “The Bishopric of Sikmam” I’m in the process of changing things. As I’ve written before I have a field recording library, I have a sandbox for The Bishopric and I have the score in Logic X Pro. This is a new way of doing things for me. Previously I made everything on my iPad. Since March I’ve also been on a MacBook with Logic X Pro installed. I felt this was a natural step to take for me. I’ve been making all my music on iPhones and iPads since 2008. I’ll take the best of both worlds with me this way.

IMG_5764I found a string orchestra composition that I made in the desktop version of Notion in June/July this year. I had completely forgotten about it until I rediscovered it on my iCloud account. I listened to it for the first time since this summer and it made a positive impression on me. So I listened to it several times (it is just over three minutes long) and decided that I was not going to change anything. So I transformed it to a wav and placed it in my sandbox.

There are plenty of files in the sandbox. I do my research and experimentation there. I was looking for a way to combine properly composed music with a field recording. First of all I did go through all of the field recordings that I found was possible to use. Since this is meant to be used in the intro I want to keep it clean. That is keep it in the background but maybe highlight parts of it that sounds interesting. So I decided to use my choir practice field recording from the 27th of September. And with some automation I could proceed with the hight lightning I planned to do. I am now giving it a rest from listening for a couple of days.

ambient musicI had plans of using another piece written in Notion. But that evolved into something quite different! It will form the first Interlude and is made up of a string orchestra and English horn at the moment. I’m considering developing it further with a contrasting/supporting brass section. But I’m not convinced that’s the way forward yet. Today I’m rewriting both the string arrangement as well as the part for the English oboe.

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