September 27, 2017

IMG_5761Went for a walk yesterday. No specific goal, just a duration of about an hour. Aimlessly walking the streets to see things, to smell things, to hear things and to experience things. I was walking across Pollack Mihály tér behind the Hungarian National Museum. It was like a summer’s day, with a gentle breeze. And from an open window on the third floor I hear I choir practice. It mixes with the wind, the distant traffic sounds and the sonic spikes of cars passing by at low-speed right behind me. I sat down on one of the white traffic cones of stone and got my gear up. Since it was just passed two I was afraid that the rehearsal was about to end. But I was wrong fortunately. I got a pretty interesting and fascinating field recording out of that. I transferred it to Logic when I got “home” (still my hotel room I’m afraid). It will go into my field recording library for starters and make its way to The Bishopric of Sikmam sandbox.

soundscapeI solved the issue I had with different midi signals at once, conflicting routing and just a mess when I was ready to do some actual composing. I turned to one of my simple solutions I relied on in the past. The technology should never take the lead over creativity. Always strive for the 10-1 ratio when it comes to creativity versus technology. So I used AudioShare as my recording app. I put iSymphonic as the host and I can add effects if I want to. I prefer to record the “raw” sound and do all tweaking in Logic.

So today I’m ready to do some real composing. After I spent an hour getting rid of practical stuff I have to get out-of-the-way to create “uninterrupted continuous time”. That is the key to hard work and the basis of the very rare moments of melting perfect sounds together.

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