September 29, 2017

Took the bus to Massolit. On the stop as I was waiting for 112 to arrive a bus full of kindergarten children passed by. They were furiously waving hello to us at the bus stop. It really made my morning in combination with the sunshine. Made me happy. Got off at Astoria and walked from there. Slow pace just moving along the boardwalk. Looking at people, store windows and traffic. Registering sounds and rhythms. Massolit is a good home base for the time being. There must be hundreds of places like this in Budapest. It’s all about walking and discovering to find these places.

IMG_5236Took a long walk after eating a bagel at Massolit with their exquisite apple spritzer. Locally produced apple juice and fizzy water. Turned on all the stuff I needed to get my apple watch  to give me maps over my walks. I need them for my next huge project. I walked for an hour towards Boráros tér. Outside Corvin a man materialised in the middle of the intense two lane traffic. He just stood there like a statue, high as a mountain, and stopped the car that was on its way to run him over with a hand signal, thoroughly cursed the driver and went on to do the exact same thing for the two opposite lanes.

I took tram 2 from Boráros tér to Március 15 tér and took the bus up the hill to my hotel. Tomorrow I’m going out for dinner.

Solved the annoying thing from a few days back where C4 always played strings in Gestrument run by iSymphonic. Kind of annoying if I want to hear the trombone section….All it took was a good ol’ restart of iSymphonic. My experiments have surely giving the midi signals a good spin. That’s taken care of then.

So right now I look forward to assigning each channel its instrumentation thus, once more, forming my Budapest Dream Orchestra. I think it a wiser approach than putting Orchestra tutti on eight channels and go for the Wagnerian sound, but I have the opportunity if I want. Eight channels of trombone sections or tuba sections. Tempting but I save that opportunity for later.


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