September 24, 2017

I had quite a socially busy day yesterday as I accompanied my niece to school and afterwards went for a burger at a good place near Móricz Zsigmond körtér. Unfortunately it was still closed for renovation so we ended up at the super crowded food court at Allee. From there I went home lacking all will but to sleep for one or two hours.

Taking a walk today over the Elisabeth bridge over to Pest. Today primarily for three things: firstly sit down at Centrál Kafé and write this blog post. Secondly I get a good exercise again and I plan to have lunch and continue with an hour walk before I take the bus back to the hotel. Thirdly I get to think in peace and plan ahead for The Bishopric of Sikmam. I’m here at 11 and it’s not that busy here. I’m having homemade hot chocolate.

DSC00063I woke up and then did a field recording. I got the idea a couple of days ago when I was going to sleep. Outside my hotel runs the Hégyalja ut which is busy 24 hours a day. But in the evening the traffic slows down and the sound from the street forms some kind of rhythm. And my bathroom with the window open gives me the perfect acoustics to record with my Røde X/Y microphone attached to my iPhone 5. So I did a 15 minute recording.

It then took me hours to get the recording from my iPhone to my Mac Book. It was a combination of outdated app software from Røde, a slow internet and my growing impatience. These transfers should just work.

My idea is to include this edited field recording in the intro to The Bishopric of Sikmam. Together with iSymphonic run by Gestrument. And I am going to take care of the different channels on iSymphonic and match them to the 8 channels on Gestrument. I then put iSymphonic in Omni mode and voila, in theory, I should now have a string section, brass section, wood wind section and choir on different midi channels, or whatever, all run by Gestrument and recorded in AUM.

I have some fun work ahead of me today and the coming week. In the coming week I hope to hear from the real estate agent and hopefully at the end of the week look at an apartment or two.

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