September 22, 2017

Took a walk to Massolit Book Store today before lunch. Splendid weather and it took me about an hour to get there. It was as perfect as I imagined. It’s quiet. So this place definitely goes on my list. A very charming place. I will definitely return here.

IMG_5229Working with new settings in Gestrument that is still running iSymphonic. Trying out several different combinations. Some turn out good and some turn out bad. Still making test recordings that are getting longer as I get more things to sound right. But still a long way from being on a straight path.

Made a pretty good test recording. But need to figure out some stuff in AUM so I can get a better instant mix between the orchestra and the setting in Gestrument. It’s the same setting in Gestrument that plays the solo parts, a combination of grand piano and a music box. I think this is promising. But there are tons of work still to be done.

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