September 21, 2017

The restaurant at the hotel plays Italian techno at breakfast. I asked politely yesterday morning to turn the volume down while I’m eating but there was a miscommunication about the same degree as when I try my Hungarian apart from some basic phrases. We did not understand each other and nothing happened. Well, I partly solved it this morning by walking around the breakfast room establishing the placement of the speakers. I found one corner to be the optimal spot. I’ll be sitting there in the future.

Walked over 10k yesterday. Saw my brother for lunch. Slept two hours in the afternoon and then went shopping for dinner by going back to Allee. Crossing Móricz Zsigmond körtér is always fun. It’s still a place for special things and special persons to exhibit themselves. It’s like Széll Kálmán tér in a way for public social display. I made several interesting field recordings at these places in the past and seen and heard some very strange things. These are great places just to sit down and watch the people go by.IMG_5226

Today I think I’ll go for a good tram ride. Bus 27 to Móricz Zsigmond körtér, tram 6 all the way to Széll Kálmán tér and then I take a walk to Déli pályaudvar. That’s a good route to think. I will sit at the public library at Déli pályaudvar and have something to eat at Déli 12. I haven’t been inside but it looks nice and they have a lot to choose from. From there I will walk home taking the other side of the railway tracks. I find somewhere along the way to buy dinner and water. As usual I carry my Rode microphone with me in case I stumble upon an interesting sound.

Worked with some old-time favourites yesterday and this morning. Apps I haven’t used for quite a while namely AUM and iSymphonic. I made a test recording with Gestrument running iSymphonic with the tutti orchestra setting. I imported it to Logic and removed the EQ and Space Designed it. Decent and well worth building upon. I’m thinking of using is for the opening of The Bishopric of Sikmam and for some interludes perhaps?

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